1. Hi guys

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry it’s been a while. The truth? I was afraid of coming across Game of Thrones spoilers so I’ve been avoiding Tumblr altogether. (Seriously, I’m a whole season behind on this shit. And after being thoroughly depressed by half of the third season of Downton Abbey — couldn’t finish just yet after the whole Sybil thing… too soon, too sad — I’m really afraid of the emotional lows Game of Thrones will undoubtedly throw me into… and I may or may not have had a few beers tonight.)

    But seriously, back to business.

    I am excited to announce that our next movie will be…. dramatic pause…. drumroll… “Knocked Up”! My roommates and I were obsessed with this one, and I so I am super excited to have finally acquired it on DVD to share some dopey Seth Rogan faces with you all.

    So get amped up, because within the next 3 to 5 days I would expect to see some quality Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and birth all up in your computer space.

    xo Sam

  2. Olly Murs - “Oh My Goodness”

    This one was sent to me via text message by my cousin Lauren, who I have tricked into becoming a huge Olly fan. But with a face like that, who could complain.

  3. Olly Murs - “Troublemaker”

    Killing it with the dance moves, as per ushe. 

  4. Olly Murs - “Dance With Me Tonight”

  5. Olly Murs - “Troublemaker”

  6. Olly Murs - “Troublemaker”

  7. Olly Murs - “Dance With Me Tonight”

    Too adorable to handle. 

  8. Olly Murs - “Heart Skips a Beat”

    Blue steel. Nailed it. 

  9. Olly Murs - “Dance With Me Tonight”

  10. Olly Murs - “Troublemaker”

    Dear Olly, feel free to leer at me any time, even when it does make you look foolish. Love Sam